Persistent data storage in NvDsObjectMeta

Hi, how can i store persistent data in NvDsObjectMeta ?

What do you mean by “persistent data”? Can you tell us the purpose of such data?

Hi Fiona, i would like to store the past ‘n’ number of detector’s bounding box information in a given track generated by nvtracker element. Persistent as in information that will stay with the track similar to track’s id and age information.

The NvDsObjectMeta attached in GstBuffer will chage frmae by frame. So you can store the NvDsObjectMeta data into the internal buffer inside your tracker.

I am not sure where is the internal buffer you mentioned.

Do you mean to

  1. create a NvDsUserMeta with a custom meta type
  2. extract relevant information from GstBuffer’s NvDsObjectMeta to NvDsObjectMeta
  3. attach new created NvDsUserMeta to NvDsObjectMeta’s obj_user_meta_list

if not, could you elaborate ?

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That means a buffer you designed to store the information.

No. You just need to store the bbox information of the frames in a new data stucture you designed by yourself which is maintained outside the DeepStream pipeline.

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