Persistent ESTABLISHED State Connections in Conntrack Table in HWOL Environment Post Load Testing


I’ve been conducting load tests in a Hardware Offload (HWOL) Conntrack environment and have encountered an issue where, post-testing, all connections on the VM have terminated but the conntrack table still retains flows in the ESTABLISHED state.

Here’s a snippet of the conntrack table:

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root@test02:/# conntrack -L | grep ESTA | head -n 10
tcp      6 85390 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=9172 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=9172 [ASSURED] zone=15 use=1
tcp      6 86092 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=35885 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=35885 [ASSURED] zone=2 use=1
tcp      6 85561 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=24124 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=24124 [ASSURED] zone=15 use=1
tcp      6 85721 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=40994 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=40994 [ASSURED] zone=13 use=1
tcp      6 85879 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=60456 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=60456 [ASSURED] zone=13 use=1
tcp      6 85397 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=8089 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=8089 [ASSURED] zone=11 use=1
tcp      6 85687 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=5139 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=5139 [ASSURED] zone=8 use=1
tcp      6 85786 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=36659 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=36659 [ASSURED] zone=12 use=1
tcp      6 85591 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=45455 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=45455 [ASSURED] zone=7 use=1
tcp      6 86087 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=14570 dport=8080 src= dst= sport=8080 dport=14570 [ASSURED] zone=6 use=1

root@test02:/# conntrack -L | grep -v HW_OFF | awk '{print $4}' | sort | uniq -c                                                                                                                                                                                                          
conntrack v1.4.6 (conntrack-tools): 103694 flow entries have been shown.
      2 CLOSE_WAIT
      2 src=
      2 src=
      1 src=
      1 src=
      2 src=
     58 SYN_SENT
     17 TIME_WAIT

The current netfilter conntrack table size is set to 1048576 and during the load test, the conntrack table size did not exceed 800K.

Here are the details of my setup:


  • Server: Dell R7615
  • CPU: AMD Epyc 9654P
  • Memory: 384GB
  • NUMA: 1
  • NIC: Connect-X 6LX

Software Versions

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
  • Kernel: 5.15
  • Openstack Version: Yoga
  • OVN: 22.03
  • OVS: 2.17.5
  • MLNX OFED Driver: 5.8-2.0.3
  • Firmware: 26.35.1012 (DEL0000000031)

Any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @kyoon,

There was a kernel bug that the connections are not aged. Fix was done in v5.18.


Hi @Chen,

Thank you for your response and for shedding light on the issue. I appreciate your help.

I’ve looked into the patch history for kernel 5.18 regarding conntrack, but I couldn’t find the specific bugfix commit you mentioned. Could you possibly share the commit details?

I am currently using Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) and I’m planning to inquire about whether this fix is scheduled to be applied to this distribution. Having this information would be extremely helpful.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Best regards,