Persistent kernel + cuDNN


I’m using a persistent kernel to perform some network packet processing task continuously on the GPU, and I would like to run a cuDNN convolution kernel (cudnnConvolutionForward) concurrently with respect to this persistent kernel.

When I try to do so, the application deadlocks. I was told that cuDNN uses a system-wide synchronization, but is not able to launch enough blocks because of my persistent kernel, causing the deadlock.

Is it true that cuDNN uses a device wide synchronization ? If so, is it possible set the number of SM on which the cuDNN kernel will be launched ?

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Sorry for the delayed response.
Assuming the user is using cudnnForwardConvolution() there are no device-wide synchs in it as best we can tell. We do call cudaMalloc inside of cudnnCreate(), so the user should make sure none of the Implicit Synchronization cases apply.
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Even though I don’t think streams are an issue here, if you’re using an independent persistent kernel, it is probably best to have it on its own CUDA stream.

Thank you.