PEX_CLK and EDP DP_AUX pinmux support

In the Jetson-TX2-Series-Pinmux-Template.xlsm Revision 1.00 there is the PEX_CLK pins A44, A45, A41, A42, B45, B46. These are all listed under the first sections before you get to the “Dedicated SFIOs” section on row 248. Similarly, under the EDP section there are pins B35, B34, A35, and A34.

Are any of these pins pinmux configurable?

Can they be configured as GPIOs?

If not, why are they not listed in the “Dedicated SFIOs” section?

JDSchroeder, it’s very good that you are looking at the pinmux spreadsheet / worksheet. Please refer to the “Pin Muxing” columns [G,H,I,J,K] to determin alternative configurations.

When you consult those columns for PEX_CLK as well as EDP you will see the GPIO options. The PEX_CLK pins as shown can not be configured as GPIO, and EDP B35,B34, A35, A34, B33 can also not be configured as GPIO per column G.

Column G should be your reference.