PEX1 and USB_SS0 concurrently on a custom board


I have a custom carrier board in which we routed both PEX1 (PCIe#2_0, Lane 0) and USB_SS0.
According to the “PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE” for the Jetson TX2 it seems there are 6 valid configurations - 3 that have PEX1 routed and 3 that have USB_SS0 routed.

From what I understand they can’t be used at the same time - is that correct? any workaround? is USB_SS0 also in Lane 0?

Hi, please refer to the lane mapping table in OEM DG: PCIe interface #2 can be brought to the PEX1 pins, or USB 3.0 port #1 to the USB_SS0 pins on Jetson modules depending on the setting of a multiplexor on the module. The selection is controlled by QSPI_IO2 configured as a GPIO.


So they are mutually exclusive you can have pex1 as pcie or USB_SS0? they share the same uphy lane?