PGC-F-0206 error


I have just installed trial version of pgi complier and have got this error

NOTE: your trial license will expire in 14 days, 15 hours.
PGC-F-0206-Can’t find include file bits/predefs.h (/usr/include/features.h: 323)
PGC/x86 Linux 12.2-0: compilation aborted

Have I done some thing wrong during installation?


Hi Raj,

What OS are you using?

Doing a web search for “predefs.h”, I found several similar issues when using gcc on 64-bit Ubuntu where the some missing 32-bit packages were not installed. For example

  • Mat

This is a follow-up for people who may encounter this problem in the future. I also ran into this error, and I followed the link in Mat’s e-mail. I am using a 64-bit Ubuntu system, and as suggested in the link, installing the gcc-multilib package (sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib) fixed the problem for me.

Thanks Mat!

Perfect!! Thank you for this suggestion: it solved my problem of pgcc not finding sys/cdefs.h properly!!