PGC-S-0035-Syntax error

I am trying to use PGI compilers to compile hypre-2.0.0 in Ubuntu operating system. I have the following error messages:

PGC-S-0035-Syntax error: Recovery attempted by replacing keyword if by keyword typeof (timing.c: 84)
PGC-S-0036-Syntax error: Recovery attempted by inserting keyword enum before ‘{’ (timing.c: 85)
PGC-S-0039-Use of undeclared variable hypre_global_timing (timing.c: 84)
PGC-S-0103-Illegal operand types for comparison operator (timing.c: 84)
PGC-S-0040-Illegal use of symbol, hypre_TimingType (timing.c: 87)

Has anyone experienced this kind of error? Thanks!


Hi Zhiqiang,

I’m not familiar with HYPRE but found the source on-line However, the code compiled fine for me. The error seems to suggest that your local file is corrupt or there is something wrong with your local install of the compilers.

Can you post lines 80 to 90 of timing.c? Also, what steps did you do to get this error? Which compiler version are you using? Are you able to compile as simple C program?

  • Mat


Thank you for your reply! lines 80 to 90 of timing.c is posted below:


  • Allocate global TimingType structure if needed

if (hypre_global_timing == NULL)
hypre_global_timing = hypre_CTAlloc(hypre_TimingType, 1);
hypre_global_timing = hypre_CTAlloc(hypre_TimingType,
hypre_NumThreads + 1);

I used PGI 2010 (pgcc) . And I can compile simple C programs. Thanks!