pgCC-Error-Unknown switch: -Wall

Simple enough problem:

On the PGI 6.x series of compilers, if the Makefile for a piece of software used ‘-Wall’ as a compiler flag, it would return

pgCC-Warning-Unknown switch: -Wall

With PGI 7.0-5, I receive:

pgCC-Error-Unknown switch: -Wall

In other words, this option would previously throw a warning now quits with an error. The code in question is MVAPICH 0.9.9, and I’d prefer to not have to patch the various makefiles within. Is there a way to change the behavior of PGI 7 so that when it sees this ‘unknown’ option from an ‘Error’ to a ‘Warning’?

(PS. I am aware that -Wall is a GCC flag…)

Hi troyt,

Yes, either use the flag “-noswitcherror” on the command line or ‘set NOSWITCHERROR=1;’ in a PGI rcfile (like siterc).

Hope this helps,