pgCC: internal error from ../src/lwr_name.c

encountered this error while trying to add pgi to a list of supported compilers. have tried google and this site with no obvious answers. any help?

the unit test framework is probably mangling this to a very large name.

“/usr/projects/mcatk/user/sdnolen/workspace/toolkit/src/Algorithms/StaticK/pnightly/”, line 326: internal error:
assertion failed at: “…/src/lwr_name.c”, line 3477

TEST_FIXTURE( Setup, theTest ) {

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of “/usr/projects/mcatk/user/sdnolen/workspace/toolkit/src/Algorithms/StaticK/pnightly/”.
Compilation aborted.
pgCC-Fatal-/usr/projects/hpctools/packages/tlcc/pgi_10.2/linux86-64/10.2/bin/pgcpp1 TERMINATED by signal 6
Arguments to /usr/projects/hpctools/packages/tlcc/pgi_10.2/linux86-64/10.2/bin/pgcpp1
/usr/projects/hpctools/packages/tlcc/pgi_10.2/linux86-64/10.2/bin/pgcpp1 --llalign -Dunix -D__unix -D__unix__ -Dlinux -D__linux -D__linux__ -D__NO_MATH_INLINES -D__x86_64__ -D__LONG_MAX__=9223372036854775807L ‘-D__SIZE_TYPE__=unsigned long int’ ‘-D__PTRDIFF_TYPE__=long int’ -D__THROW= -D__extension__= -D__amd64__ -D__SSE__ -D__MMX__ -D__SSE2__ -D__SSE3__ -D__SSE4A__ -D__ABM__ -D__PGI -I/usr/projects/mcatk

Hi drnuke,

Do you mind sending a report to PGI Customer Service ( including the source (or an example that reproduces the problem)? It’s obviously a problem with compiler, but we’ll need to recreate the problem here in order to determine what’s wrong.