PGCL: how to enable dynamic OpenCL compilation

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could someone give me a hint on how to use the dynamic OpenCL compilation with pgcl? The reference page only tells me that “the dynamic compilation components must have been transferred to the remote Android device during the installation process”, but it does not specify how to do that. Also, in the documentation on the installation I don’t find information on this.


Hi Jan,

The run time components are automatically installed on your Android device during the PGCL installation. The caveat is that you need to ensure that Android Debug Bridge (adb) is installed on the compilation host machine and has a running service to the networked Android device. Otherwise, the installation script will skip the run time installation on your device.

To fix, you will need to re-install PGCL after you have configured adb and your Android device in order to install the run-time components.

Information about adb can be found at:

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Hi Mat,

thanks for your reply. I tried it once again as you suggested, but without success. Nevertheless, it gave me the idea to look into the install script where the problem is, and I noticed two commands were not working as expected: First, the "if test $copy_ret " seems to evaluate to false (although adb exists), and second (after commenting the if-condition), the “adb push” did not work correctly. I then tried the “adb push” by hand, and it worked fine - i. e., my problem is solved!



with the help of a co-worker I figured out why it didn’t work: As the “install” script writes in in /opt/, I started it using “sudo”. But I had not included adb in root’s PATH, so the calls to adb made by the script did not work (neither the “which adb” nor the “adb push”).
Perhaps this issue can be addressed in the PGCL reference pages.


Thanks Jan23, I’ll pass this info along.

  • Mat

FYI, in the 12.7 release we have added additional documentation to make users aware of the need to include adb within their path for successful installation of runtime and dynamic compilation components. We have also advised users that if root access is needed adb must be included with the path of root as well.

  • Mat