pgcl kernel run problem

I installed PGCL 12.4 on Ubuntu 11.10 x86/64 both,
and I’m trying to launch an OpenCL application on my device based on Cortex-A9 dualcore / Android OS(ICS).

The problem is any program including examples within PGCL package hangs right after the OpenCL kernel run.

I tried to change CL_MEM_USE/COPY_HOST option in the code, tuned global and local workgroup size in various way, and so on… but no luck.

It’s quite strange the examples of PGCL cannot run on Android.
All cl API returns CL_SUCCESS but clEnqueueReadBuffer for the output buffer or clWaitEvent hangs.

Any help is appreciated.

ps. does the PGCL runs only on ST-Ericsson ? I mean, any cl platform API returns a fixed value like CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_SIZE to be 256MB, while my device has 1GB.

Hi David,

Currently, PGCL is supported only on ST-Ericsson U8500/U9500-based platforms running Android 2.3.3. It is not currently supported on other platforms, nor is it supported on ICS (yet). In particular, PGCL 12.4 is validated on ST-E U8500 reference boards and the ST-EU9500-based Snowball boards from Calao Systems. See

for details on how to obtain a U9500 board from Calao Systems.

PGI is interested in supporting PGCL on additional platforms, but we need to engage the platform vendor in order to do so. If you are interested in using PGCL on another platform, please let us know and/or send e-mail to and they will put you in contact with the right person at PGI to start those discussions.

Best Regards,