pgcnv: error CNV024: ELF unknown relocation type 9

This error has on SUA & Windows compilers

	.align	32, 0x90
	.globl	calling_conventions
	.type	calling_conventions,@function

	push	%rcx
	movq	calling_conventions_values@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rcx

	movq	8(%rsp), %rax
	movq	%rax, 120(%rcx)

	leaq	.Lreturn(%rip), %rax
	movq	%rax, 8(%rsp)

	movq	%rbx, 72(%rcx)
	movq	%rbp, 80(%rcx)
	movq	%r12, 88(%rcx)
	movq	%r13, 96(%rcx)
	movq	%r14, 104(%rcx)
	movq	%r15, 112(%rcx)

	movq	0(%rcx), %rbx
	movq	8(%rcx), %rbp
	movq	16(%rcx), %r12
	movq	24(%rcx), %r13
	movq	32(%rcx), %r14
	movq	40(%rcx), %r15

	movq	56(%rcx), %r10
	movq	64(%rcx), %r11

	movq	calling_conventions_function@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rax
	pop	%rcx
	jmp	*(%rax)

	movq	calling_conventions_values@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rcx

	movq	%rbx, 128(%rcx)
	movq	%rbp, 136(%rcx)
	movq	%r12, 144(%rcx)
	movq	%r13, 152(%rcx)
	movq	%r14, 160(%rcx)
	movq	%r15, 168(%rcx)

	popq	%rbx
	movq	%rbx, 176(%rcx)

	movq	calling_conventions_fenv@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rbx
	fstenv	(%rbx)

	movq	72(%rcx), %rbx
	movq	80(%rcx), %rbp
	movq	88(%rcx), %r12
	movq	96(%rcx), %r13
	movq	104(%rcx), %r14
	movq	112(%rcx), %r15

	jmp	*120(%rcx)

	.size	calling_conventions,.-calling_conventions

$ pgcc -V && pgcc -c tmp-amd64call.s -o amd64call.o

pgcc 7.2-1 64-bit target on 64-bit SUA
Copyright 1989-2000, The Portland Group, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2000-2008, STMicroelectronics, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
/opt/pgi/sua64/7.2-1/bin/pgcnv: error CNV024: ELF unknown relocation type 9

It looks like -fPIC assembly. There is no -fPIC for sua64 and win64.


I changed asm code like this:

movq   calling_conventions_values@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rcx

has become:
movabsq   $calling_conventions_values, %rcx