pgcnv.EXE: fread: cannot read data

When I compile our programme with pgf90 -Mmpi it gives the following error message and doesn’t produce an exe file. We use Windows Server 2008 R2 and MS MPI. Could anybody help?

C:\PROGRA~1\PGI/win64/11.7/bin\pgcnv.EXE C:\temp\pgf906eQCyd_z6mMCag.obj C:\temp
C:\PROGRA~1\PGI/win64/11.7/bin\pgcnv.EXE: fread: cannot read data
pgf90-Fatal-conv completed with exit code 1

Hi krzyzak,

The error seems to indicate that pgcnv can’t read the temporary object files. Does the directory “C:\temp” exist and do you have permissions to read/write to it?

Try setting the environment variable “TMP” to a directory that you know you have read/write permissions.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,

Yes, I can see other temporary files created during the process there. See another output below:

“C:/Program Files/PGI/win64/11.7/bin\as64.EXE” C:\temp\pgf905dhC3v1S6Gmef.s “-I”
C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2"/include" -o C:\temp\pgf906e-C39FZpxq4U.obj

“C:/Program Files/PGI/win64/11.7/bin\pgcnv.EXE” C:\temp\pgf906e-C39FZpxq4U.obj C:\temp\pgf907f3C3LFVjkrmw.obj
C:/Program Files/PGI/win64/11.7/bin\pgcnv.EXE: fread: cannot read data
pgf90-Fatal-conv completed with exit code 1

Unlinking C:\temp\pgf902aFC3DJHISmNE.ilm
Unlinking C:\temp\pgf903bxC3f-ncKKR3.cmod
Unlinking C:\temp\pgf904cpC3T3D7Q_7T.cmdx
Unlinking C:\temp\pgf905dhC3v1S6Gmef.s
Unlinking C:\temp\pgf906e-C39FZpxq4U.obj
Unlinking C:\temp\pgf907f3C3LFVjkrmw.obj

Is there a flag for pgf90 that would allow to keep temporary files?



What happens if you drop -Mmpi ? Do you see the same failure,
or just linker errors (‘cannot find the reference…’) ?

Can you send the failing output dialog when you add

to the compile and link steps?


Hi Dave,

We’ve got other applications compiling and working without MPI. This one gives just linker errors without -Mmpi.

The output I posted comes from -v option. These are the last lines and there are thousands of lines before that. I could email you the rest if you send me your email address.