pgcollect command does not run

[james@james WEGtest-64]$ pgcollect -es-function mem_bw_data ./grab_64
[sudo] password for james:
Argument for --event, DRAM_ACCESSES:500000:0x07}:0:1, is not valid argument.
pgprof: could not set oprofile event profiling mode
[james@james WEGtest-64]$

The above output is the result of my trying to run the command

pgcollect -es-function mem_bw_data ./grab_64

The .proprun is in the same directory as the executable garb_64 and opreort is in $PATH.
as shown:

[james@james WEGtest-64]$ echo $PATH
[james@james WEGtest-64]$ sudo find / -iname .pgoprun
[james@james WEGtest-64]$ sudo find / -iname opreport

i am unsure as to why the pgcollect command is not running and giving the above output.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

THX 1138

Can you post your .pgoprun file, or email it to with a note to forward it to the tools group?

Okay, here is a post of my .opgoprun file that you requested. Please note that it is in the same directory as the source code and executable.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

THX 1138

cpi_data () {

mem_bw_data () {

It looks like there is a typo in your .pgoprun file, with a spurious ‘}’ following the 0x7 in the DRAM_ACCESSES line.