pgcollect exited with error (version 2013)


I was trying to use pgcollect in the 2013 compiler suit to profile a simple OpenACC program. I got the following error:

-bash-3.2$ pgcollect ./64-matrix-acc
target process has terminated, writing profile data
pgcollect-Fatal-/g/software/pgi/13.1/linux86-64/13.1/bin/pgsampt TERMINATED by signal 11
Arguments to /g/software/pgi/13.1/linux86-64/13.1/bin/pgsampt
/g/software/pgi/13.1/linux86-64/13.1/bin/pgsampt ./64-matrix-acc

pgprof.out was generated but nothing was written into it.


This is most likely due to a “known bug” that unfortunately got into the 13.1 version of pgcollect. The bug is fixed in 13.2, which is expected to go out this week.