PGDBG doesnt work

Hi fellows i have been trying to make run the debbuger pgdbg but i have some issues when i try to run the gui mode:


must use a 32-Bit Java Runtime Enviroment
modify your PATH variable or specify PGI_JAVA accordingly

I install the last version of java but for linux 64 because my system is a cluster 64 bit.

Hi Garlay,

Both PGDBG and PGPROF require a 32-bit java in order to run the GUI’s. Hence, you can not use your system’s default java. Instead, please set the environment variable “PGI_JAVA” to the location of the PGI supplied version of Java which should have been install at the same time as your compilers.

For example:

setenv PGI_JAVA /opt/pgi/linux86/8.0-2/jre/bin/java

Hope this helps,

the question is can i run pgdbg on 64bit cluster with java 64bit?

Hi Garlay,

Sorry if I was unclear before, but you can not run the PGDBG Java GUI with a 64-bit version of Java. Please use the version of Java that accompanies the compilers.

  • Mat

hi i follow you advice and change the path of PGI_JAVA from jre1.6 to the pgi instalation jre and when i run pgdbg.

pgi/linux86-64/7.1-6/jre/lib/i386/xawt/ Can’t load IA 32-bit .so on a IA 32-bit plataform

Hi Garlay,

Our GUIs use the 32-bit JRE, which requires 32-bit X libs. Unfortunately, the error message from the JRE isn’t very illuminating. You’ll need to install, from your Fedora9 media, the following 32-bit packages:

  • libXau
  • Mat

hi mkcolg i have the debuger ready i just install the packages in the 32 bit directory and the debbuger works so now i want to know how can i link the pgdbg with my mpirun command