pgdbg error-Required tool Java was not found

This error just started occurring when starting the command line debugger. It worked correctly several times earlier in the day. What does the error mean, what is the debugger specifically looking for, and where is it supposed to be located? Thanks for any help.

Hi JerryAtSFS,

This error typically means that the debugger can’t find java in your PATH or from the PGI_JAVA environment variable. But Java is only needed for the GUI and the command line should still work without it.

While the default is to first try to launch the GUI, you can avoid this by using the “pgdgb -text” option to go directly to the command line version.



Thanks for letting me know about skipping the GUI. I will do that, but I’d still like to be able to run under the GUI. The problem started after my virus software alerted me to patches available for my computer, one of which was for the JRE and it was listed as critical. I had the patch installed and the problem began. I have re-installed the latest version of JRE and checked that it is at the path indicated in the PATH environment variable. The same error message is displayed when I try to run pgdbg. Would it now be advisable to re-install the compiler?


Hi Jerry,

I’d first try setting the environment variable “PGI_JAVA” to the fully qualified path to the installed java (i.e. C://path/java). Though sometimes Java can be fairly picky in terms of version matching so may not like our GUI.

If it still doesn’t work, then reinstall to get the java we ship installed.