PGDBG- help what's happening?

ERROR: MPI Message Queue library not found.
Try setting ‘PGDBG_MQS_LIB_OVERRIDE’ environment variable
or set via the PGDBG command: pgienv mqslib .

I am working at NCAR at the Foot Hills Lab. I am not doing any MPI programming.
Would someone know why this popped up?

I’m using PGDBG from the cmd line and my Fortran code was being debugged. All files need by the appl. to run are on my dell precision 5500T, and the java version is 1.6!

I also got a java.NULLexception, the trace dump:

#13 statsobsdat line: “StatsObsDat.f90”@218 address: 0x804E0D3
#12 recredb line: “StatsObsDat.f90”@306 address: 0x80504AF
#11 pgf90io_fmt_write address: 0x8057053
#10 __f90io_fmt_write address: 0x8056FAE
#9 fw_write file: fmtwrite.c address: 0x8057598
#8 fw_writenum file: fmtwrite.c address: 0x8057F2C
#7 __hpfio_fmt_f address: 0x80711A7
#6 __hpfio_fcvt address: 0x8072506
#5 __hpfio_ecvt address: 0x80724A9
#4 pgio_ecvt file: fpcvt.c address: 0x8072D5C
#3 sprintf address: 0x336EFE
#2 vsprintf address: 0x34B89C
#1 _IO_vfprintf address: 0x32E584
*** Stack frames number 1 and higher may be incorrect ***
=> #0 __GI___printf_fp file: interp.c address: 0x333CD2

Hi kevomac12,

Unfortunately, I’m not sure why his would occur. I’ve sent a note off to our tools team but most of them are off for the holidays. Once I hear back, I’ll let you know.

  • Mat