pgdbg target args not working for me


Have a look at the following CLI interaction:

$ ../../rad_pp_test_cpu -nx 32
(works fine)

$ which pgdbg

$ pgdbg -text ../../rad_pp_test_cpu -nx 32
pgdbg-Error-Unknown switch: -nx

$ pgdbg -text "../../rad_pp_test_cpu -nx 32" 
pgdbg-Fatal-Executable file ../../rad_pp_test_cpu -nx 32 not found on PATH

$ pgdbg -text ../../rad_pp_test_cpu "-nx 32" 
pgdbg-Error-Unknown switch: -nx 32

What am I doing wrong? How to pass target args without the pgdbg parameter parser getting in the way?

Ok, I was just able to answer my own question:

Passing “-nx 32” to “run” within the debugger works.

However this is IMO a documentation error, since it says in the manpage

       pgdbg - The Portland Group debugger

       pgdbg [ pgdbg_options...  ] [ target [ target_args...  ] ]
target is an executable program to be debugged, and target_args are the command line arguments to that program.