pgf77 and gcc 3.4.2

I use pgf77 6.0 (trial version) to compile a fortran program that linked with gcc compiled library. Everything seems to work fine when I used MinGW gcc 3.2.3. However, when I upgrade to MinGW gcc 3.4.2, program hung at runtime. Is there any compatible issue between pgf77 and gcc 3.4.2 that I’m not aware of?


Hi Jennifer,

On Linux there are no known incompatibilities with GCC 3.4. Unfortunately with MinGW it’s not something we test so I don’t know what issues there might be. One thing to keep in mind is that it might not be a compatability issue. Rather, the same issue may be present with the 3.2.3 version but may be just “lucky”. Finding out where and why the hang occurs would help a lot.