pgf77 suppress newline on write?

I’d like a user prompt to end on the current line instead of automatically appending a newline and wrapping to the next line … e.g I want the user’s input to be on the same line as the prompt… is this possible.

Hi pabugeater,

I had to go look this one up since I would normally say use “advance=‘no’” but this is F90. For F77, use the “$” at the end of your format.

% cat test.f
       write(*,'(A$)') 'No newline'
       write(*,*) 'here'
% pgf77 test.f; a.out
No newline here
  • Mat

You are wonderful! Where did you find that gem, I scoured (apparently improperly) the docs.

Many thanks,

I asked Dr. Google the question “fortran 77 no newline”. Note that the “$” in not part of the F77 spec but rather an extension.

  • Mat

OK, many thanks again!