pgf90-Error-Required tool as was not found

I used to use the PGI compiler, but not used it for 2 years to discover it has moved over to nvidia now. I installed the new cuda tools and now trying to run my code with the new compiler.
It appears to have installed correctly - pgf90 --version:

pgf90 (aka nvfortran) 21.3-0 LLVM 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp haswell 
PGI Compilers and Tools
Copyright (c) 2020, NVIDIA CORPORATION.  All rights reserved.

But when I run my code I get the error:

pgf90-Error-Required tool as was not found
pgf90... looked for as at /opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_x86_64/2021/compilers/bin/as

I tried running a very simple hello_world script and that gave the same error too.

hello.f95 - run using pgf90 hello.f95

   program hello
      print *, "Hello World!"
   end program

appeared to be I messed up my PATH variable