pgfortran 17.10: strange message "iliutil.c: case IL_KI


when compiling some simple Fortran code with an ISHIFT call with pgfortran 17.10:

   subroutine shift(s)
      integer(8) :: s
   end subroutine

I see the output:

iliutil.c: case IL_KISHFT:

Do I need to worry about this, or is this just some kind of compiler debugging output that was forgotten to be disabled for the last release?

I did not see this with 17.04, but in fact I saw the same thing with flang for a while (but not any more):


The problem has been logged as TPR 24918. I believe someone instrumented the compiler with a print stmt to track a problem, and failed to remove it afterwards.

I think you can ignore it, and engineering will correct me if I am wrong.


The problem you reported

24918 - Compiler outputting extra verbiage with ishft “iliutil.c: case IL_KISHFT:”

has been fixed in the current 18.1 release.


Thank you!