pgfortran equivalent to -fno-align-commons in gfortran?

The subject heading says it all. I am trying to use some old Fortran code which once worked with pgf90 version 8. Under 12.9 it compiles without errors but crashes on execution. I have reason to believe it is a problem with misaligned common blocks. The code compiles and executes properly when compiled with GNU gfortran if the parameter -fno-align-commons is included. Is there an equivalent in pgfortran? It would save a lot of work compared to going through hundreds of files and editing them.

Hi itano,

Since we’ve always padded common blocks, the move to from 8.x to 12.9 shouldn’t have mattered. Most likely, something else is going on.

Though, our closest thing to “-fno-align-commons” might be “-Wh,-nodalign -Mnodalign”. We haven’t specifically tested this combination w.r.t common block padding, so it may not work, but worth a try.

  • Mat

That didn’t seem to change anything. Maybe I should track down the last version of the compiler that worked, if I can make it run.