pgfortran on centos


When I compile simple test Fortran code on Centos 7.0
pgf90 -acc -Minfo=accel -o sim_test_acc sim_test_acc.f90
It works fine apart from when I run with PGI_ACC_TIME=1
$PGI_ACC_TIME=1 ./sim_test_acc. It display nothing.

However if I need -ta flags,
pgf90 -acc -ta=tesla:cc60 -Minfo=accel -o sim_test_acc sim_test_acc.f90
When I run the executable, sim_test_acc, it does not run, but display
“This file was compiled: -ta=tesla:cc60”. I have tried with different -ta flags. The machine has Tesla p100 card.

What is problem here?

Many thanks,

Hi Mihn,

Most likely your P100 isn’t setup properly or you don’t have a CUDA driver installed. Hence when you compile with “-acc” you’re running on the host and why it doesn’t show any output, and with “-ta=tesla:cc60” it gives the error.

What is the output from the “nvidia-smi” and “pgaccelinfo” utilities?
What CUDA driver do you have installed?
Are you able to run a simple CUDA C program?