PGFTN-S-0034 Syntax error

Deal All,

I am trying to compile a code using pgf77 in Unix (for the first time!)

I get this error:

PGFTN-S-0034 Syntax error at or near end of line ( … )

I was wondering if anybody has seen this error and is there any place that I can search for the source of different errors.

Thanks ain advance!

Hi Sarvin,

Is it possible to post a file here? Check the length of each line or use -Mextend if it is longer than 73.


Hi Hongyon,

Thanks for your reply. But May I ask which file do you want me to send?

And I didn’t understand exactly what you mean by the length of the lines?

Do you mean the length of the line in my “make” file should not be more than 75 characters. Sorry if my questions seem to simple. All my career I have been using Visual Fortran!

Thanks a lot!

Hi Savin,

The error seems to come from a source file, not makefile. There should be at least one source file that gives this error.

To make sure a file gives you an error, you can try command line:
pgf77 mysource.f -c.

The line length is for source file. -Mextend will allow up to 132 characters.


Hi Hongyon,

thanks for your reply.