pghpf on Mac OS/X in 7.0-5?


I downloaded PGI Workstation Complete 7.0-5 for Mac OS/X and I am surprised that pghpf is not in the package (it is present in the Linux bundle).

I saw in another thread on this forum that you were still porting pgCC to OS/X. The download page features the PGHPF Workstation package for OS/X, though.

Are there any plans to include pghpf in PGI Workstation Complete for OS/X in the near future?

It might be good to have a detailed description of what the status of the OS/X port is somewhere on your website (I couldn’t find any).



Dominique, Sanik,

PGHPF is currently only supported on Linux and there are no plans to port it to OSX.

As for the OSX beta, we’ve received a lot of good feedback. The full release of OSX is expected to occur this Autumn in conjunction with PGI 7.1. Is there something in particular, other than HPF, you have questions about?



Thank you for your reply.

I am sure you had a good amount of feedback on the OSX port and I expect that it will be a hot download.

I recently had my personal Linux copy of PGI Workstation Complete destroyed in a hard drive crash, and decided that my next laptop would be an Intel MacBook Pro. I had hopes that my license for PGI-WC 7.0-* would transfer to the OSX port. However, I learned from your License folks that that would not be the case since the OSX port won’t be a free upgrade.

While trying to compile some scientific software with the 7.0-5 beta release for OSX, I receive a fair amount of

malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=2414170112) failed (error code=3)
malloc: *** error: can’t allocate region
malloc: *** set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug
0: ALLOCATE: 2414168158 bytes requested; not enough memory

on code which otherwise compiles and runs fine with the Intel compiler, gfortran 4.3.0, g95, and the AbSoft compiler, with the same data. I also experience a number of issues with the debugger pgdbg.

I would have been interested in prodiving you with more info but now that I heard from your License guys that I can’t benefit from it, I confess that I’m not very hot for digging deeper.