PGI 11.3 linker hangs


I have a Windows 7 virtual machine installed on my MacBook Pro. I have the PGI 11.3 Workstation installed. Using the pgi.bat, none of my programs link. The compilation goes through, but hangs at the linking step. Using the pgi_dos.bat, everything works as expected. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. Any ideas?



Hi Lucas,

Very odd. The shell you’re using shouldn’t matter given that the linker is the same.

Can you add the “-v” (verbose) flag to your link and post the output? I’m not sure it will tell us anything, but it’s worth investigating.

  • Mat

It would appear there are issues with file permissions on the temporary directory. I used all of the default conditions during install and I am an Administrator level user on the Windows 7 installation.

The default temporary directory was C:\temp. This is owned by “Administrators”. Even though I am a part of this group, compiling the a simple hello world in FORTRAN generates an error writing temporary files after about 30 minutes of hanging.

When I right click the shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”, everything works as expected. I will attempt a reinstall to correct the issue.