PGI 16.1 internal error on bitset array

When compiling the following C++ statement with PGI 16.1

std::bitset<6> points[3];

I receive this error message:

PGCC-S-0000-Internal compiler error. ?? unexpected constant       10

This error was not present on PGI 15.10.

std::bitset<6> point;

compiles fine with PGI 16.1.

Is this a compiler bug, or am I missing something?


Thank you for the post.
This is a compiler bug. I have filed TPR 22304

The following code, compiled pgc++ -c++11 t.cpp
on a 4.9 system or above gets

PGCC-S-0000-Internal compiler error. ?? unexpected constant 10 (t.cpp)

std::bitset<6> points[3];


same error occurred for me in two places, it compiled perfectly fine in gcc-4.8; had to refactor my code to get around this problem and just not use arrays.

std::complex<double> complex_solutions[6];

typedef std::pair<float, int> Combination;
Combination results[3];

Thanks wbrennan92958. The fix for this is currently schedule to be available in the 16.3 release due out soon.

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