PGI 17.4 community edition and cuda version problems

Hi!everyone. I am new here ,I’m a postgraduate from China and I got some truble during the learning.
I have installed PGI 17.4 community edition on my 64-bits Win 10 computer with a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU and CUDA Toolkits 8.0.
When i tried to use the pgprof command I received error like this “pgprof-Warning-Installed CUDA driver version is not supported for GPU profiling” And the pgaccelinfo command indicated that my cuda driver version was 9000.
I wonder if GTX 1070 could only use cuda 9.0 and whether PGI 17.4 community edition could be used on cuda 9.0 device?

could you please help me?

It looks like the driver installed on the GTX 1070 was 9.0, but the
PGI profile software only supports 8.0. We will support 9.0 in the
upcoming 17.10 release (which has a Community Edition), due out
before the end of October.

You could try putting an 8.0 driver on the GTX 1070, but if everything else works now, perhaps it is better to wait for 17.10.


Thank you so much ,dave!I can’t wait to see the release of PGI 17.10!