PGI 6.2-5 installation problem


I’am trying to install PGI 6.2-5 on Windows 2003 Server 32-bit.
During the installation got a window with message:

Do you have any minds what the problem is.
By the way Service Pack 1 is not installed on my machine.

Hi Sanik,

We have not seen this error before so if you could do the following we would appreciate it.

First uninstall the Workstation product if it appears in the “Control Panel=>Add/Remove Programs” list. Next, please run the installer again with logging enabled:

pgiwsx64-625.exe /v"/l*v c:\tmp\logfile.log"

Please change the logfile name and directory to a location that you have write permissions. Finally, send the log file to and ask customer support to forward it to me.