PGI 7.1 Cannot get MPI communication infos :(

I have changed to use the “PGI Server Complete Release 7.12”

When doing installation, I chosen to install the appended mpich1
When compiling, I set the Mprof=mpich1,func tag

However, in output pgprof*.out files, the mpi send size and count still hold to 0

help, please…

BTW: when I was checking the pgi user guide for 7.1, I notice that

-Mmpi adds the include and library options to the compile and link commands necessary to build an MPI
application using MPI librariews installed with the PGI Cluister Development Kit (CDK).

what does the CDK mean? Does the Server Complete Class have equivalent configuration?


Please try with pgcc -Mprof=mpich1,func for C. pgf90 -Mprof=mpich1,func for Fortran.