PGI CE 2019.4 Eclipse Plugin

I’m trying to do OpenACC development in Eclipse, on Ubuntu 18.04. If I understand correctly, I need to install the PGI Plugin the same way I would the NsightEE plugin. Per instructions in Section 9 of the PGI User’s Guide, I need to add a repository to Eclipse with the following path


(using cdt9 because I’m using PGI 2019.4 which uses CDT 9.7.2.x). Unfortunately, there is no eclipse folder in the CE installation. Is this because the plugin doesn’t come with CE or is it in a different place?

Hi mnicely,

We stopped bundling the eclipse plugin with PGI 2019. I know that the the 2018 download archive (here) has a link to it. You could try to download that manually and extract it to that location.

Thanks for letting me know!

Unfortunately, the link to the 2018 edition is only to the commercial edition of the PGI compilers.

I need to use eclipse with an accademic (comunity) edition, is it possibile to have the eclipse plugin?