PGI Community 19.10 installer does not find Visual Studio Community 2017 with C++

I’m trying to install/test PGI Community 19.10 on Windows 10 (Version 10.0.19041.1) machine without success. The installer does not recognize MS Visual Studio Community 2017 installation. I’ve already double checked that all C++ components are installed, as per instructions at
What can I do to debug install problems? Where are the log files? Thanks in advance!

Run the installer from the command prompt, telling it to log MSI and Installshield info to the desired path (change as necessary):

pgiws64-1910.exe /debuglog"C:\is.log" /V"/L*v C:\msi.log"

Feel free to paste the logs here. Could you also tell me what version of VS 2017 you are using? The version will be listed in the dialog under Help -> About.