PGI compilers support for Jetson K1

I may order a Nvidia Jetson K1 with CUDA support on Linux ARM device and I would like to know if there is plans to support it either via cross compiling or via a build of PGI compilers for Linux ARM platforms… That would be nice for getting access to OpenAcc 2.0 on this platform… Also seeing slides of GTC sessions I found that CUDA will be avaiable on Android systems with Tegra K1 and similarly would like to ask if PGI plans to support OpenACC 2.0 and it’s directives on Android Tegra K1 or better platforms supporting CUDA for Android…
I say also that because seeing this roadmap of PGI compilers
I can’t see support for Tegra K1 on PGI even up to 14.7 release so perhaps is a planned feature for 2015 compilers?
hope you can answer my questions…

Hi pgio,

There’s no current plans to target ARM or Jetson K1. We might in the future given enough demand and I’ll let folks here know that you’re interested.


I am writing here just to add a +1 to the interested groups/people about this…