Pgi demo license with multiple licenses


When I try to “plug” my PGI demo license to a license server already runnig I got the following message:
“10:57:18 (lmgrd) The license daemon has found no vendor daemons to start
10:57:18 (lmgrd) (There are no VENDOR (or DAEMON) lines in the license file),
lmgrd exiting.”

I start the license server with
“./lmgrd -c /opt/star_cd-3.26/license/license.dat:/opt/star_cd-3.26/licens
e/license_es_ice.dat”. If I simply add the PGI demo lic. to LM_LICENSE_FILE, I got “pgf90-linux86-64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: The desired vendor daemon is down.”

The PGI was already installed. I just pick the demo license from the PGI site. Do I have to real install PGI suite to get my demo license to work?

Thanks for your attention.


Hi Marcelo,

While our Server product does supported FLEXLM floating licenses, the demo license does not. Please set your local shell’s environment variable “LM_LICENSE_FILE” to the demo license.

  • Mat