PGI Environment Variable - NO_STOP_MESSAGE

I have a Fortran exe that runs however fails during the run with a Warning: ieee_inexact FORTRAN STOP . From looking at this forum it appears that I need to set NO_STOP_MESSAGES to 1. I however cannot figure out how to do this. I am working through VS shell (2013). Can someone educate me?

Hi Alastair,

From the shell, cmd, command line use the “set” command.


Set only sets the value for the current cmd window. To have it be persistent, edit your PVF Bat file (depending upon the compiler version they are located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\PGI Visual Fortran” Please adjust the path to your installation)

One a side note, this is not necessarily an error. Rather, the F2003 standard requires that any floating point exceptions (FPE) to be printed when a STOP statement is encountered. The IEEE_INEXACT FPE is very common and occurs any time that there is a type conversion or any arithmetic operation that may results in some rounding. While only you can determine the numerical sensitivity of your application, in most cases applications allow for some precision variance. Given most optimizations may result in slightly inexact (we try to keep within 1 ULP), this exception is raised but can be ignored.

Hope this helps,