PGI equivalent to -xHost / -mtune=native


I know PGI ahs -tp= for specifying the instruction set (like AVX), but is there
an equivalent to Intel’s “-xHost” or GNU’s “-mtune=native”?

I.e. a flag that will compile to the highest instruction set available on the system?


Those look like instructions to specify a particular cpu for code generation.
-mtune=native is default for any code generation, in that it optimizes for
the cpu compiling the code.

If you are looking for code optimized over multiple cpu types.
-tp=sandybridge,haswell for example, has paths for sandybridge and
haswell type cpus.


Just to add what Dave notes. Compiling without the “-tp” flag will default to target the architecture of the compilation system. In other words, PGI’s default is the same as -xHOST.

  • Mat