PGI is not working for compiling

Hi, All,

I have the latest version of PGI installed on a laptop (Miscrosoft Window XP). However, when I typed make or pgf90 test.F or pgf77 test.for, one line pomp up: pgf90 Test.F, then the mouse is locked. I have it reinstalled 4 times by a IT technician, and did not get it to work. I looked the license file, and it seems correct to me. Does any one know why? Thanks!


This is 7.1-2, I believe? It is win32 or win64? To quickly fix the problem, please let us know exactly how you install PGI and invoke pgf90 command? What is the name of the package you install? Can you do simple command pgf90 -V? What was that one line the pop up?


Hi, Hongyon,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Actually, there three pop-up lines: the first line is: pgf90 7.1-2 32-bit target on win32. It was installed by a technician in my company. So, I do not know how it was exactly installed. I noticed that a cygwin was also installed.
After I clicked the pgi icon, a black pgi window pop up. When I typed pwd, it shows that current directory is /c/Documents and Settings/ywu. Then, I changed to the directory where my fortran program files and makefile locate.
In this directory, I typed make, a line pop up: pgf77 -c -g test.for, then the mouse is locked. I have to typed CTL+C to unclock it. Then, I tried to compile one file at a time by typing pgf77 test.for. The same thing happened.


Can you compile just a simple hello program? What options did you use to command?

Is is possible to post you file test.for here? If not, please send to with your problem in detail.