Hi folks and experts,
I was wondering the support of PGI compilers on AMD EPYC (zen). I did not see the type of the target processors in option “-tp”. My first guessing is “-tp=k8”. Will PGI support the specific optimization on AMD EPYC? Are there any suggestions on the optimization flag on AMD EPYC?
I am using the following flags during the compilation, “-O3 -fast -mp -m64 -tp=piledriver”.
Thanks a lot.

EPYC support is in a future release. But the compiler works with it.

pgfortran -V
will tell you what the compiler thinks you have. Piledriver is probably right.

“-O3 -fast -mp -m64 -tp=piledriver”

is probably the same as “-fast -mp -tp=piledriver”
or “-fast -mp” when compiling on the EPYC.


Hi Dave,
Thanks for the prompt response! I can compile OpenMPI 3.0.0 with PGI 17.10 on AMD EPYC platform as well. Here is my configuration script.
“./configure --prefix=/opt/ohpc/pub/pgi/openmpi/3.0.0 CC=pgcc CPP=cpp CXX=pgc++ F C=pgfortran F77=pgf77”.

Need to apply for system cpp (GNU CPP).

Just a comment. Our experience is that Configure scripts often fail with
F77 set to pgf77, probably assuming some capability pgf77 does not support.

We have recommended that F77 be set to pgfortran. The newer
pgfortran can handle the f77 syntax properly.