PGI Profiler not showing any results

Hi, When i try to analyze my code through PGI Profiler does not show me any results, although it shows in the console the "printf"s of my application.

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, CUDA Toolkit 10. 1 and pgcc 19.4-0 LLVM 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp haswell.

When i run:

pgc++ -fast -Minfo=all,ccff main.cpp

It gives me some output. I can put it here if you guys want to see. Everything looks fine, but when I open the PGI Profiler and in the session I specify the generated .out file, it does not show any output, no analysis, nothing.

Another thing also, in the presentation video 1, found in the openacc website, they say to check the “Profile execution on CPU” option, but for me this option is disabled and it is:

“Profile execution on CPU [Not supported with multiprocess profiling]”

How can i enable it?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I have been trying for a certain time and I have not been successful. Since then, thank you for your patience.

Hi fbcarreiro,

How can i enable it?

By default the profiler via the GUI will enable multi-process profiling, which doesn’t support CPU profiling. To switch to single process, under the “settings” tab or when creating a new project, look for the drop-down menu with “Profile all processes” and switch this to “Profile current process only”. After you re-run, the CPU profile will be located under the “CPU Details” tab.

Sorry for the newbie questions

No worries, we’ll help you the best that we can.

Note that the full documentation on using PGPROF can be found at:

Hope this helps,