pgi64 on amd64

i just download the trial version of pgi 64 and install on my new
computer with fedora core 3, 64bit. my cpu is amd64 3000+ 939pins with asus a8v delux mainbroad. ram is 512mb with 1gb swap.
pgi has no problem running small program but got segmentation fault when running larger fortran with -tp k8-64 during compiling. any idea what wrong.



It could be any number of things. It’s possible that its an install problem but I doubt it since most install issues cause link errors. Can you characterize the seg fault?

How and where in your program does it seg fault? If it seg faults at a call, it’s most likely a stack overflow. Try setting you stack size to unlimited.

Does it seg fault when compiled at “-O0” or at a particular optimization level like “-fast”? If it still seg faults at “-O0” then it’s most likely a problem with the program and not with the compiler.

Does it seg fault when compiled with “-tp k8-32”? If the program succeeds, then you might need to port your program to 64-bits. Do you mix “C” and Fortran? Fortran default data types stay the same size (in bytes) while the default “C” data type sizes change in 64-bits.

You can use our debugger pgdbg which also comes with the trial version to try and determine where the seg fault is occuring.

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