PGICE 17.4: Unable to link object files on Windows 10

I installed PGICE on a Windows laptop 10 and tried to compile some Fortran code. I was able to compile all source files into object and mod files, but attempting to link them resulted in a link error.

$ pgfortran *.o -o main
pgfortran-Error-Required tool link was not found
pgfortran... looked for link at C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0/VC/bin/amd64\link
pgfortran-Error-Tool loader was not found

This seems to be something related to how I installed VSCE 2015, because the directory where pgfortran is looking for the link executable is empty. PGICE installed fine, so it was apparently able to find whatever it required during installation. I installed VSCE 2015 with Visual C++ build tools

I also have VSCE 2017 installed on the same machine - the required tools (link.exe, cl.exe, etc.) are located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Shared\14.0\VC\bin

I have tried making a shortcut to the VSCE 2017 link.exe in the directory where pgfortran is looking; however, then I start going down the dependency rabbit hole - once it finds link.exe, it’s unable to find another dependency, etc.

Any advice for correctly installing and implementing pgfortran on Windows 10?

If you have no VS 'Express Editions installed, and you have properly
installed Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 with C++ capability,
and if the Win10 SDK is also installed, then installing pgiws community
edition should install.

Only VS 2015 will have compatible tools, headers, and libs, to create
PGI executables.

make sure VS CE with C++ can build a C++ program to see if all
the parts were installed.