"pgnvd-Error-Required tool gcc was not found" error when using openacc on power9

We’re installing the PGI compilers on a Power9/Volta HPC cluster. We created a localrc file via:

makelocalrc -gcc core-gcc -g++ core-g++ -g77 core-gfortran

Note the non-standard names for gcc etc.

When we compile an OpenACC program, we get the following error:

pgnvd-Error-Required tool gcc was not found

The problem appears to be the following line in pgnvdlinpowerrc.

tool cuprepro is program(gcc) directory($PATH);

Thanks mnolta49593, I’ve filled an issue report, TPR #28112, and sent it to engineer to see what we can do here.


Resolved with PGI 20.4

I’m trying to install NVHPC 21.3, and i think i’m running into the same issue:

nvdd-Error-Required tool gcc was not found

I see the following in nvdlinpowerrc:

variable GCCNAME is default(gcc);
tool cuprepro is program($GCCNAME) directory($PATH);

However, i don’t see GCCNAME defined in the localrc file, and the following seems to fix the problem:

 echo "GCCNAME=core-gcc;" >> localrc

It looks like this was somehow missed during the rebranding of PGI to NVHPC. It works as expected with the last PGI release, 20.4, but not in 20.9. I re-opened TPR #28112 and will have our engineers look into it.

Manually adding the “GCCNAME” in the localrc file rather than having makelocalrc add it for you is the correct work around.