Pgprof application


Last years, I have always installed PGI “Community” version, because of I managed some computers in two university labs. Two months ago, I installed lastest PGI “Community” version that I found at Nvidia site ( redirected me to However, this new version (hpc-2020) doesn’t include “pgprof application” and I need it (older “Community” versions like 2019-19.4 and 2019.19.10 included “pgprof”.

What can I do now?




PGI was re-branded as the NVIDIA HPC Compiler and is now included as part of the NVIDIA HPC SDK ( While the PGI Community Edition is no longer available, the NVHPC SDK is available at no cost for all releases, not just two releases a year. The older PGI drivers (pgcc, pgc++, pgfortran) are available with SDK but you should consider moving to the new compiler drivers (nvc, nvc++, nvfortran).

Pgprof was a repackaged version of nvprof. Nvprof is available in the SDK however NVIDIA deprecated this profiler about a year ago so please consider transitioning to the new NSight-Systems and NSight-Compute profilers. See:

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