pgprof not opening source files


we have installed the latest 17.10 version in our servers (Fedora Core 26).

I’m able to compile (-fast -ta=tesla:cc35,lineinfo -Minfo=all,ccff -Mneginfo) a simple code, run it using the gpu card and even get a timeline, but there is no way in clicking the names of the functions to open the source code.

Is this a known issue? Is there any way I can fix it?

�ngel de Vicente


Only some of the functions in PGPROF can be opened by double-clicking on their name (the functions in “CPU Details” or “OpenACC details” tabs). This section of the profiler’s guide describes how to open the source code viewer from the CPU details tab:

and from the OpenACC details tab:

If you are still encountering problems opening the associated source file for a given function can you post screenshot of which function names you are clicking on?