pgprof problem

hi.i am using PVF with microsoft visual studio 2010.

how can i use PGPROF for my code written in fortran in visual studio.

Hi kuldeep gupta,

Launch PGPROF from the PVF start menu via “Start | All Programs | PGI Visual Fortran | Profiler | PGPROF Performance Profiler”. Once PGPROF is running, use the
File | New Profiling Session" menu option to specify the location of the pgprof.out files and your application. For details on using pgprof, please refer to the PGPROF User’s Guide.

  • Mat[/quote]

i have compiled my code with -ta=nvidia & -Minfo=ccff

now when i am using “pgcollect -time paper.exe” command it is showing

PGCOLLECT : FATAL ERROR :checking access to program “paper.exe” :system reported error:the system cannot find the file specified.

i have saved my file in c:\documents\ visual studio 2010\projects

“paper” is my project name.