pgprof problem


i have compiled my code with -ta=nvidia & -Minfo=ccff

now when i am using “pgcollect -time paper.exe” command it is showing

PGCOLLECT : FATAL ERROR :checking access to program “paper.exe” :system reported error:the system cannot find the file specified.

i have saved my file in c:\documents\ visual studio 2010\projects

Hi kuldeep gupta,

I have not seen this error message before. However, it seems that the OS is having trouble accessing a file. I’m not sure if it’s “paper.exe” or something else.

Can you please check that “paper.exe” runs from the command line without pgcollect?


I’ve seen the message and in my case it occurred because the profiler couldn’t find the pgprof.out file and not the executable. I’ve just started checking all the locations for the info it wants when I see the message.