pgprof text mode 7.1-3

I am tring to run pgprof in text mode ( (on my SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 jre is at version 1.4)) with the following command but the shell is just… waiting
What am I missing?

pgprof -s -exe ./echam5 pgprof.out


I am not sure. What were the flags do you use to compile? Is this 32-bit or 64-bit program? How did you set PATH environment variable?

Can you run a simple program such as hello program to see if it works?

Note that a text version does not use Java.


thanks for your hint.
Indeed I was able to run pgprof on a simple program.
I rerun my original 64-bit one interactivly and now I have:

C-> pgprof -s -exe echam5.x pgprof.out
/opt/cluster/pgi/linux86-64/7.1-3/bin/pgprof: line 487: 14847 Segmentation fault $javaPATH $jMaxHeap “${jargs[@]}” -cp “$CP” $userRoot jpgprof “$path” “$@”


Is it possible for you to send us both executables(echam5 and echam5.x) and pgprof.out?

Please send to and tell them to forward the information to me.

Thank you,


We found a problem and unfortunately there is no workaround for it. This will be fixed in 7.2 release which is expected to come out some time in May.

Thanks for you patience.