pgprof: unable to read session timeline

I try to profile my application with pgprof 16.1.

When I run the application in order to generate a timeline, all I get is a warning: ‘Unable to read session timeline.’ - no timeline is shown. In the console there are multiple error messages: ‘fatal : Problem during SQL operation: unable to open database file’

These are the options I used:

  • Profile current process only.
    Start execution with profiling enabled
    Enable concurrent kernel profiling
    Enable CUDA API tracing in the timeline
    Enable unified memory profiling
    Enable OpenACC profiling
    Run guided analysis

My ‘executable’ file is a *.ksh-script, that contains the actual executable:

time mpirun -np 1 prog_exe

Make sure the program was profiled.
Profiling with MPI may only work with CDK licenses, so we suggest
you profile the executable, rather than a script that executes an MPI program.